Wedding and Corporate Event Photo Retouching

Wedding and Corporate Event Photo Retouching

Wedding and Corporate event Photo Retouching

One of our most popular services are retouching and editing wedding and corporate event photos. It can be photos taken by a professional photographer or any event or yourself. You always can have professional editing to your photos.

Wedding and Event photo retouching service includes many effects and activities such as recomposing photos, removing unwanted shadows, spotting, including or focusing on confetti or even people, combination of two or more photos together to create those missing moments, or creating a sense of mood or tranquility. Also eliminating creases from clothes and coloring black and white photos and turn images into silhouettes and more. None can deny the importance of event and wedding photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to enhance your photos or a regular with amateur shots, Clipping Path Centre (CPC) can help you to get your images to the maximum quality.

Our highly-skilled photo editing artists are expert for any types of corporate event photo retouching. For wedding and corporate event photo retouching we follow these steps carefully:

  1. Color Correction.
  2. Adjustment of overexposed or underexposed images.
  3. Removal of red eye.
  4. Retouching blemishes and other imperfections.
  5. Editing backgrounds or removing people.
  6. Cropping and re-centering photos to feature preferred individuals.
  7. Performing virtual weight reduction.
  8. Brightening teeth.
  9. Even skin tone and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
  10. Adding makeup etc.
Wedding and Corporate event Photo Retouching