Product and Stock photo Retouching

Product and Stock Photo Retouching

Stock and Product Image Retouching

In this competitive business world, every company likes to have their own collection of stock images which makes the company able to use them freely without worrying about all kinds of copyright matters. However, the images in the digital stock often need retouching and photo editing before they are made usable for any purpose. To accomplish any of the photo editing jobs, Clipping Path Centre (CPC) is the best choice. We have all the tools, skills and experience to retouch or edit your stock photos according to your requirements.

Clipping Path Centre (CPC) provides any kind of stock photo retouching services based on the client’s requirements.

Clipping Path Centre (CPC) is very efficient with the turnaround time without compromising on quality even if we have to process enormous numbers. There was a client once who had a collection of more than fifty thousand images from various sources and wanted to remove all the logos that were embedded, and he wanted them immediately. After a quick verification of the client’s request if it follows the copyright law, our photo editors worked really hard to deliver such a large volume in less than 40 hours. The client was so impressed by our performance that he has been outsourcing all his retouching and photo editing jobs to us ever since.

Another time, a client sent us some of his photos that were rejected on stock photo, which is why he wanted them to be edited and retouched. We did the job as per his prospects within two weeks, all his images got as many as twenty-eight hundred downloads.

Product and Stock Photo Retouching