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Clipping path / multi color path services

Color Path or Multi Clipping Path means the clipping job. We practical the method for images part by part adjust the color. For look the image clean & develop. Multiple clipping path service is area of expertise practical for vary the photo Hue/Saturation, coverage, Highlights, modify Color intensity, turning round, different filters and special effects.

Our expert’s graphic designer has many years of experience to working with multiple clipping path or color path work. So we don’t finding the middle ground quality of work. We provide 100% manual clipping paths like color correction Photoshop, color/multi path, multiple clipping path service by using Photoshop pen tool.


Manipulating an image with complex angles requires important concentration to fact and expertise. Our familiar graphic team boasts expert experience using the latest software and technologies (like Adobe Photoshop CS5) to provide better-quality image masking services to every customer. We are expert in:-

  • Fur and Hair Masking
  • Complex Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Transparent Masking
  • Translucent Masking
Image masking service

Sometimes Professional photographer are now depends on glamour retouching with digital make up. Some well-known Glamour magazines are still taking service from us.

  • Glamour photo Retouching or Pageant Retouching
  • Digital Make Over or Cosmetology
  • Wedding Photo Retouching

Intelligent or Creative Glamour Enhancement services:

  • Natural Enhancement/Retouch
  • Lighting & Exposure Corrections
  • Glamour/fashion/model retouching
  • Direct Focus/Spotlighting

For your online marketing sometimes you need to add some extra objects of the image or many more opportunities like the wedding albums, corporate event, and studio image editing you need to add an extra object. clippingpathcentre.com can add neck to the corresponding images as well. We are specialist in the neck joints, photo editing, vector, shadow in image, t-shirt design, hair mask and other photo manipulation services.

Clipping Path Centre (CPC)  commitment to providing the best quality of Object Removing services has allowed us to boost international customers and has helped support a long-term relationship.

Bacground with image inserting
Clipping path / multi color path services

Sometimes your captured image highlighted hair looks too white. Have to make it becomes gray. What should you do?

Or, your e-commerce site or magazine or banner image and product photo need extra highlights, but you have to keep it natural. Well, it’s very simple job. We have Expert Designer to solve this problem.

Image lighting or sun flashing is a wide area of image manipulation. For Image lighting often we bounce it off camera into, or through something bigger. There is the number of techniques to do this, let’s appear at a few options.


Vector image is very important to print something because vector images is high resolution and never pixel perfect work. For many work we need vector image or convert a JPG, bitmap or other format file to vector format. We do it professionally with maximum good quality. Our vector conversion services are

  • Logo vector conversion
  • Vector conversion from JPEG, PNG, BITMAP or Others
  • Vectorization of Map
  • Black & White vector Line Drawings
  • Vector art work conversion

Have Image for edit? We’re here to Edit your image and make you smile!!!