Neck Joint and Ghost Mannequin Service

Neck Joint and Ghost Mannequin Service

Sometimes photos are used for calendars, magazines, websites, etc, the images might not give you the quality or effects or results that you wanted. Photo manipulation is essential for fixing the flaws or giving you the desired effects. Our Photo Manipulation Services and photo editing can add an extra value to your images by removing any objects and bringing them a different and highly professional look.

Neck Joint Service | Ghost Mannequin is a technique of photo manipulation which displays the brand of your apparel or any other products in details by creating a gorgeous look to customers combining front side and back side garment shot or modifying the neck part or removing the mannequin. We enhance your apparel products to a fabulous & realistic view in Photoshop in a way that all customers would be able to understand the details of any products.

Features of Photo Manipulation Service:

  • Replacing back part of an image or repairing image like neck joint.
  • Creating and Editing perfect group pictures and adding people to a group that you missed.
  • Red eye reduction, making perfect white teeth, changing eye color
  • Addition of a watermark or changing shadow effects with the images
  • Changing background or replacing with any color or other image or gradient
  • Changing color of any object of an image such as lips or dress of the model
  • Resizing image size or cropping images
  • Restoring damaged images.
  • Product color and texture adjustment & modify.


Why choose Clipping Path Centre (CPC) for your Photo Manipulation needs?

Our expert graphic designers are able to manipulate any photos by their creativity and artistic abilities to remove bad composition elements, object, ad highlights of a specific part of image and creating added interest, bring color and life to old black and white photos changing colors and and many works that you may find necessary to create the best result from a photograph. You may also use these edited images on business meetings for promotional shots, Montages, presentations and such to give out dramatic results that only a professional designer can deliver.

Neck Joint and Gost Mannequin Service