Custom Vector Illustration Drawing

Custom Vector illustration drawing

Custom vector illustration drawing consists of several topics for example anatomy of vector object, selecting and transforming vector object, object layering and organization, assigning attributes to vector, anchor point manipulation etc. One can do so many things with custom vector illustration drawing services. Our expert designers are highly skilled and experienced in vector illustration drawing. Many procedures can be taken for vector illustration drawing, digitally vector drawing by hand, inking the sketch using vector lines, coloring vector illustration, applying shadow combination of eyedropper tool, custom brushes, gradient annotator, pen tool, mesh tool etc.

Some custom vector illustration drawing projects are as following:


Photo realistic illustrations

Hand-crafted brush pen tricks

Quirky vectors

Lines, shapes and textures

Drawing for screen printing

Tattoo illustration

Vector lettering

Vector lighting effects

Dynamic vector illustration

Repeating vector patterns

Cheery vectors

New-folk illustration

Vector pop-up etc.


Objects can be drawn with fineliner pens, then vectorising in Illustrator and colored in photoshop based on a sense of style and design.

Custom Vector illustration drawing