Converting a jpg to vector art format

Converting a jpg to vector art format

Sketch your own logo

Sometimes you have a logo idea but that is not a digital vector format, we can redraw your sketch into a high quality vector drawn image. If you convert a logo jpg to vector format this will be proper for just any assumption, such as automobile graphics, large format banners and signage etc. You might not able to make your sketch 100% right but we can tidy it up and tune it fine. And it will look professional and clean. After all we would convert it into vector retaining the same line stroke width throughout the image making it uniform, symmetrical and tidying up throughout where necessary.

Scalable to any size of vector design !

Once your bitmap or raster image has been transformed to vector, it can be scaled to any size without any loss in feature. We will take your pixilated bitmap image such as a jpeg file or PNG file and redraw it as accurately as we can to create a high quality transformed vector image. Using mathematical dealings between points and paths vector images are drawn therefore enabling them to be scaled up to any size and will always stay sharp.

How to supply us sketches

There are many ways to send us your image. You can scan your image and e-mail us. On the other hand you could take a digital photograph and e-mail to us, whichever is easy for you. If your file size is large which cannot be sent using email we recommend using We Transfer. Just Click on it and follow instruction:
Transfer Your Images via Our We Transfer Service

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