Convert raster map to vector

Convert raster map to vector

Clipping Path Centre follows five updated ways to Convert raster map to vector. Our expert designers always use top technology for vectorization. The most effective and dependable ways to convert raster map to vector are as follows:

First, in preliminaries we have to select object and import the map.

Second, creating the base using transparent shapes.

Third, making the divisions in all regions or sector dividing this base shape.

Fourth, filling border color regions or sector. Giving the border the same properties as the filling.

Finally, grouping the regions or sector. Usually, it is necessary to set off groups of regions, as by using a thicker border. We use the wheel in the fill and stroke window.

Now the question is why we need to covert a map to a vector format? The answer is so much easy. We want to print for any display images in any platform like website or print media but a raster map may lack in clarity or definition to watch and in print it may decrease the quality of print that’s why it’s necessary to convert a raster or other formats images to vector format.

Our skilled vector artists can use various application for converting raster map to vector:


Vectored Aerial Photo and Satellite Imagery.

      • Contour Map Digitizing.
      • 3D DEM from Contour Map.
      • Parcel Map Digitizing.
      • CAD Drawing Conversion.
      • Soil and Flood Map Digitizing.
      • Geo-Referencing and Image Processing.