Combined Clipping Path Services

Combined Clipping Path Services

Combined Clipping Path Services use the two features, you have to organize enthusiastic jobs creation. You can add these jobs of your average configuration file, or as the pattern for these tasks is moderately self-sufficient, putting them in the own files like images, as we do in the structure.

The frequent job is used to set up the essential settings which are common between the exact jobs image clipping and image combine, described in the next sections.


Image clipping

A complete photo for your key curved boundaries, and wishes to cut it into some parts. A commonly used case in the framework is to use such images for grating decorators.

The key has to be the pathway to the foundation image. The prefix way in will find the foundation file pathway for all the produce pictures. The follow-on image paths will track the rule prefix plus the image part with the extension where image part will find the special place from which the clip already taken, such as, Up for top-left or Down for bottom-right, etc.

Image combining


Corresponding to image clipping image combining takes various images as sources and generates a single picture absent of them. As a result the picture is similar to a box that shows the response pictures side by side. Here is a pattern sample :

  • The key has to be the pathway of the product image.
  • The drawing key takes the two possible principles “horizontal” or “vertical” and determines the place of the basis images in the interior the pooled image.
  • Files are a collection which takes many comments images that divide the same pathway prefix.


The outline depends on the sizes of the foundation images and their anticipated principle. Combining images of similar sizes saves white space “noise” in the effect image, thus declining resign size. If the combined image has images that need to be extended horizontally by the browser, the images need to be associated upright, and vice versa.

If you are finished with the definition of your images to clip or to combine you can use the generator to actually let them create for you. Or send all images to us for support you as free trial basis. Our highly experienced designer provides these services carefully and we assure 100% guarantee for this combined clipping path services.

Combined Clipping Path Service