Black and white Portrait Service

Black and White Portrait Service

We want your portrait to be special and perfect to you. We want it to fit your style and we do not want to limit the creativity. Clipping Path Centre (CPC) is offers to make your back and white portrait. That’s why our all black and white portrait services are included in all print prices at no extra charge.

Each session offers you the option to buy color prints, black & white prints, or both print. Insignificant retouching is often needed to remove skin spots, dribble, runny noses etc. We never charge for these services and always attempt to present the best possible image.

Newer babies always can’t do with you what you want, so baby or moms hands may come often in the picture. We make each effort to remove them from any image you buy if you ask it. And, often Mom jumps in for an impromptu pose so we often apply some makeup touches or other ‘adjustments’ if they ask it. All prints are processed with our Clipping Path Centre (CPC) printing service unless otherwise requested.

Services integrated with all sessions at no extra charge:

  • Antiqued and Cropping, Soft Look
  • Minor Retouching, Vignetting
  • Sepia and Duo tone, Borders and Captions
  • Black & White Conversion
  • Soft Background and High Contrast
  • Ultra High Key, Dreamy/Warm Tones and more!

Black and White portrait Service offers portraits for children, families, friends, seniors and our signature Portraits. Taking your portrait is more than just taking your photo. Clipping Path Centre (CPC) wants you find pleasure in capturing random photos. Our goal is to make sure that your portrait is an expression of you, your personality. This is especially true with our legendary portraits! Family, friends, Individual and Senior Portraits.

Get the family together, plan a great picture experience, but make sure Black and White portrait service is a part of the equation! Our goal is to create a unique portrait that will show your personality and overall perfection. You can pick the place, the season or let us handle all the details about it. We know some great places and views in and around the world for those ideal photo shoots.

Black and White Portrait Service